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From Tony Lee's January 12th He's Just a Writer...

I received an email from my editor at Walker Books, Lizzie Spratt, just before Christmas about Outlaw: The Legend Of Robin Hood. The email went as follows -

Dear Tony and Sam
I just wanted to let you know that Robin Hood is a Junior Library Guild selection. This is a wonderful thing and means that Robin Hood will be in every library in the States - it's a real mark of quality. Congratulations!

As you can imagine, I'm over the moon. The Junior Library Guild is well known for many years for only choosing the best books every year, and a large percentage of them go on to win multiple awards. And we're a 2009 choice.

And from a Newsarama interview Tony gave when we were starting on the Graphic Novel:

One of the issues we've had is which Robin – is it the Robin of Loxley, or Locksley – or is it Robert of Huntington? Both are 'origins' of the character. Robin of Sherwood used both of them for two different Robins – In Outlaw's Pride we've gone for both on the same outlaw, having Robin of Loxley made Earl of Huntington only to lose it when he becomes outlawed.

But that's not the only change – we've also played with Tuck, made him a Knights Templar Friar who Robin meets on the Crusades – he's the same Tuck, but with a bit more spark – as if he was played by Brian Blessed on crack.

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